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the united states and india can strengthen the global economic recovery, promote trade that creates jobs for both our people and pursue growth that is balanced and sustained. as nuclear powers we can be full partners in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly weapons, securing loose nuclear materials from terrorists, and pursuing our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> india and america are separated by distance but bound together by the values of democracy, rule of law and respect for fundamental human freedoms. >> reporter: there's also some hard cash involved in this. american businesses are looking at india and seeing dollar signs because as you look at their infrastructure rebuilding, ports, airports, roads, etc., the chamber of commerce predicts they could over the next five years, u.s. companies could make $500 billion. this is also a good deal. >> what do both sides get out of this state visit? >> reporter: i think the united states gives india what it wants which is recognition that it is a very important country in the world right now, that in spite of
. >> do you believe you are capable and can do the job of the president of the united states? >> we will preview my interview with governor palin in the body language segment. don't miss this one. bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. rough month for president obama. while he had difficulty trying to convince the chinese government to act civilized, nothing he faces when he returns home tomorrow. ft. hood and afghanistan and health care all put the president on the defensive. his approval rating has dropped below 50% for the first time. but he is a shrewd guy. he made himself available while in asia. >> will you sign legislation on health care that includes the stew pact language? >> i thank you is a balance to be achieved that is consistent with the amendment, what existed before we reformed health care. i believe in the basic idea that federal dollars should not pay for abortions. but i also think we should not restrict women's choices. >> does the language strike that balance? >> not yet. bill: the president wants it both ways. he knows forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund abortion is wron
seized a tank of crude oil from saudi riot -- saudi arabia to the united states. the 28 person crew was off the coast of somalia at the time. we have told you about several hijackings before but this is the second time only that pirates have hijacked an oil tanker. it is not clear how much oil was on board the ship, but it could be worth millions and more importantly it could wreck environmental havoc if the pirates dump it. host: also today, -- bill: also today, we are waiting on news from the white house to help struggling homeowners. this is truly startling news. the government is set to use a shame game to step up pressure on mortgage companies because they are not doing enough to keep homeowners in their homes. the way that i understand it, the new program would be aimed at lenders? >> the banks are going to be publicly blamed. they have taken this bailout money but they are not bailing out homeowners. they are going to appoint officials to oversee the operations of these lenders on a day-to-day basis. plus they will demand a plan from the lenders to speed up help for homeowner
partnership between the united states and india. as we all know in india some of life's most precious moments are often celebrated under the cover of a beautiful tent. it's a little like tonight, we have incredible food and music and are surrounded by great friends. for it's been said that the most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever before. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit and we'll sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our people. it's a bond that includes more than 2 million indian-americans who enrich every corner of our great nation. leaders in government, science, industry and the arts, some of whom join us tonight and the bond of friendship between a president and prime minister bound by the same spirit of possibility in brotherhood that transforms both our nations, the spirit that gave rise to movements led by giants like ga gandy and king and which are reason both of us can stand here ton
the president there will want to know china's latest thoughts on containing with the united states the united states nuclear program. bret: major, that is not all that is on the president's schedule in coming hours, right? >> that's correct. i will sit down on behalf of the fox news channel with an interview with president obama and some other correspondents here will do the same. we will cover a lot of issues, iran, north korea, trade in this region, climate change, jobs and healthcare back home. we're going to try to hit all the bases in a slightly different respect. bret: it should be interesting. majoring thank you. you can see that interview "special or the" six p.m. eastern tomorrow. let's look at the debt relationship now between the u.s. and china. how did we get in such a hole and is it going to get biger? here is correspondent wendell goler. >> it's the elephant in the room that aides say the two leaders didn't talk about, china's huge holding of u.s. treasury bonds. >> the $800 billion never came up in conversation, and the president dealt with every issue on his agenda in a very d
and tax. will they sign away american sovereignty. >> who is the vice president of the united states. >> that one dude. >> arnold schwarzenegger? >> sean: it looks like president obama is hiding joe biden a little too well. all of that plus dana perino, frank luntz and our great, great american panel. hannity starts right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: this is a fox news alert. the execution of the man known ant d.c. sniper john alan muhammad is scheduled to take place at this very moment in the commonwealth of virginia. muhammad was sentenced to death for the murder of dean harold myers who was one of the victims of the shooting spree that paralyzed washington, d.c. and the area back in 2002. we're going to update you as soon as we can confirm that the execution has, indeed, taken place. but tonight new evidence is emerging about the serious warning signs that could have possibly helped prevent the for the hood massacre. the houston chronicle is reporting that the gunman major nidal malik hasan was the subject of a joint fbi-army probe last year. the inves
% of our exports f we boost it by 1%, that would be 200,000 well-paying jobs in the united states. export promotion would be something we could do without spending money. there may be tax provisions that may encouraging highering sooner are remember than than later, so we're looking at those. it is important to wreck r. recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that a at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could lead to a double-dip recession, so one of the trickiest things that we're doing right now is to, on the one hand, make sure that the recovery is supported, and not withdraw a lot of money either with tax increases or big spending cuts and states, for example, need a lot of support to keep hiring teachers and so forth, and at the same time making sure we're setting up a pathway long term for the reduction. it is about as hard of a play as there is, but it's what we have to do, and whatever jobs, additional jobs legislation comes out with has to fit into that broader framework. >> does it raise the defi
to copenhagen. it signals to the world that he is serious and the united states is serious about taking a step toward a final binding agreement. >> reporter: in copenhagen the president will propose the united states cut its greenhouse gas emissions in a range of 17% by 2020. >> from the environmental perspective it's not quite enough to get to where we need to be, but it's a really, really important start. >> reporter: still, not enough for some. friends of the earth call the 17% target weak. mr. obama's proposal is far less than the cuts promised by japan and the european union. even the united nations climate chief offered only lukewarm praise. >> the world is very much looking to the united states to come forward with an emission reduction target and to contribute international financial support to help developing countries. >> reporter: in other words, come up with the money so poor nations, the most vulnerable to climate change, can buy the technologies to adapt. on climate change the president has two audiences -- the world, which wants united states leadership, and the u.s. senate, whi
security interests of the united states. there are a lot of people who failed to mention this as an important topic for many years, who have apparently found this country on the map recently. >> asked what bit of information was holding him back, mr. obama said nothing is missing, per se, except a strategy for success in turning around the 8-year-old war. >> i don't think this is a matter of some data or information that i'm waiting on. it is a matter of making certain that when i send young men and women into war, and i devote billions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money, that it's making us safer. >> the president promised to make his decision, quote, soon, but not before at least one more strategy session. >> i doubt that this is going to be finished again without an additional -- at least an additional meeting. >> analysts say strategic debates deprive u.s. forces of clarity. >> some think these decisions should be made in conference rooms in washington and reevaluating strategy, instead of giving commanders on the ground the ability to make decisions based on situation
. >> the lies told by united states presidents, the lies told by the united states media. bill: bizarre new tape of reverend wright surfaces. we will play you a bit of that. >> excuse me. land of the greed and home of the slaves. bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. criticizing president obama, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there are basically two camps when it comes to not liking barack obama. the first group is made up of conservatives who basically the president -- see the president as a far left guy who has been on changing america forever. one commentators rush limbaugh. >> i'm really, really worried. we have never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country. i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has
of the united states of america to have that decision made and made as soon as possible. >> still, general david petraeus, the head of central command, says the month-long process has been productive and is almost over. >> there have been explanations and discussions about how the civilian component of this will complement what is done by the work of our military troops. >> by all accounts, afghanistan's government is the weak link in the four strategies the president is now focusing on. >> in the couner is insurgency strategy, the war relies on the eth cassie of the host nation partners, the afghan national police and the government itself. >> the inability to count on some regional governors as partners or to predict a time line for the national government to train enough reliable security forces suggests to some experts a hybrid strategy. >> it's not focused on a counterinsurgency across the entire country but a counterinsurgency in a few key areas, the most violent areas. >> sensible strategy is counterinsurgency involving pakistan as well and the obama administration has set up benchmarks f
the united states and you are to be treated as combatant. >> this is a travesty. bill: pressure building on president obama to explain exactly why he is allowing an al qaeda terrorist captured overseas to tried in new york city. we'll have the latest. >> yeah. she a joke. the idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the republican nomination, believe me, it will never happen. bill: bernie goldberg takes a look at new attacks on sarah palin who will appear on the factor this week. >> this is where the best of america is. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. lou dobbs and cnn. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the last of the original cnn anchors lou dobbs have left the network after 27 years. we will talk to mr. dobbs in a moment and find out exactly why that happened. no question illegal immigration played
hands with the president of the united states. look at that picture. the prime minister of india is standing a few feet away. now, then they go have -- let's get a picture with joe. joe's a good guy. can i get my hands on the vice president? apparently they've been used to doing this kind of stuff. look, folks. let me play this for just a moment. what if they were experts in martial arts? what if they had some kind of poison or undetectable drug on them? the secret service failed big-time here. now they're scrambling to figure out, oh, gosh, what went wrong? the "washington post" had this report. these folks, they were allowed inside, in violation of secret service policies by an outside officer of the front gate who was persuaded by the couple's manner and insistence as well as pressure of keeping lines moving on a rainy evening. well, i think there has to be a no-tolerance policy in all of this. you don't play games with the president's safety. let's see now. this is a president who has had a 400% increase in death threats. he gets about 30 a day. not to mention it's very disre
the microscope. >> isn't it true that on 9/11, the united states pentagon, the center of our defense establishment, was directly attacked by the people who declared war upon us? >> there is no question that is true. one of the factors -- one of the factors that i considered in making this determination. the number of people who were killed on 9/11 were largely civilians. >> on the suspect in the uss cole attack which killed 17 sailors in october 2000, holder appeared to follow the same logic. >> an attack on an american warship it seems to me is uniquely situated for a military commission. >> the top senate republican pounced. "is the administration now telling terrorists if they target defenseless u.s. civilians on their own soil, they will get the rights an privileges of american citizens? " senator mitch mcconnell asked? others said the administration is creating a two-tiered system. >> if you are a sailor and attacked in the gulf defending your country, you go to a military commission, but if they happen to execute an attack in the united states, though none of those five men eve
to today's policy decisions today at the white house. what is relevant is the cost to the united states of this expanded mission, and we will touch more on that tomorrow night, but on the costs, much more likely to add to the cost of the u.s. troops involved in the theater there. bret: two tunisians held at guantanomo bay have been held over to italian authorities. the justice department say they face arrest warrants there and will be prosecuted. the supreme court has thrown out a a lower court ruling that ordered the release of pictures allegedly showing terror suspects being abused by american captors. justices ordered the second u.s. circuit court of appeals to take another look at the lawsuit filed by the aclu which wants the pick pictures publicized. president initially did not oppose the release and then changed his mind. a lot of people are changing their minds about the theory of man made global warming on the heels of a major scientific scandal concerning researchers and their behavior. wendell goler reports this renewed skepticism comes as president obama prepares to attend th
veterans in the united states as captured by the talented and dedicated photo journalists of cnn. i'm tom foreman where we start up in massachusetts where a veteran went on board a great ship in 1941, just as world war ii was getting started. photo journalist bob crowley takes us aboard too. >> it's so important to have ships like this, so people will know what our history was, why we went to war, the sacrifice we made and lives that were lost, we're very fortunate to have somebody like harman with us because he's living his dream. >> it's not as easy as it use to be. i'm 87. when i came on board may 12, 1942, the day they put it in commission. and i got off the ship september 12, 1946. the day it went out of commission. i still maintain the five-inch guns a week and use them to fire for several reasons. so we take it here, then you shoot. when i first got into the navy, i had only been out of school for six months, it was my first time away from home. but i soon got used to it. to get to my battle station for the last two years, this was my general direction. i used to stay behind this c
says the united states' artificially low interest rates are creating a bust and boom cycle of speculation in commodities like gold and oil and stocks like oil and real estate, undermining the economic recovery, because the chinese know that president obama will criticize them for having artificially low currency, and the president talks about economics not being a zero sum game, some in china believe that it very well might be. bret. bret: major garrett live tuesday morning in beijing. we will discuss the president's trip to china later plus brit hume looks at the fallout from the president's weekend bow to the japanese emporer, but first retail sales rose 1.4% in october. that was better than experts predicted. stocks today had a big day. the dow was up 136 1/2. the s&p 500 gained almost 16. nasdaq finished 30 ahead. general motors says it lost $1.2 billion from the time it left bankruptcy protection through september 30. that was a better result than in previous quarters. g.m. says it will begin paying back $6.7 billion in government loans by the end of this year, and cou
with jimy carter for access to united states for treatment. >> he was saying he had been a good ally. greta: he secretly arrived in new york city. >> president carter decided that our hospitality of the nation was to allow him here for cancer treatment. >> all of that exacerbated the situation. >> we learned that the administration had decided to admit the shah, and we were essentially being hung out to dry. >> they wanted him to stand trial for his alleged crimes. >> things were getting more frequent and bigger and more violent, the burning of the american flag, the burning of the effigy of president carter. greta: a group of five university students began to plan. >> islamic fundamentalists. they wanted the shah to be returned and for the united states to effectively withdraw and to stop meddling in iranian affairs. greta: the current president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, was one of the five original planners. >> they decided to go after the american embassy. >> they say that this was planned, essentially, as in 1970's style situation, where they would go in and makes them great stateme
, including thousands from the united states. many have only their faith to protect them. as of this week, just 50 countries have the vaccine. the density of the pilgrims, the nature of the hajj rituals, the proximity in prayer, all provide what health officials say are the perfect conditions for spreading the h1n1 virus. what is the worst case scenario? >> our worst fear is that you will get a lot of cases, massive cases. >> reporter: for months, saudi officials have been working feverishly to contain the pandemic. each pilgrim is scanned. those who show flu-like symptoms are put in isolation for seven days. dozens of clinics are set up, stocked with the vaccine and tamiflu. motorcycle medical units reach severe cases quickly. the kingdom even brought in experts from the cdc in atlanta. >> there is no more stopping the spreading. what we do with a pandemic, whether it's the u.s., china or saudi arabia, hajj or olympics, is to reduce the burden. >> reporter: the pilgrims believe the only one who can control their fate is god. "it's all in the hands of allah," this woman tells us. "we're a
service and the united states attorney in that area. >> just a follow-up on april's questi question. >> her question was a follow-up. >> a triple follow on, the social office knows the list -- >> sheryl -- >> they would have overheard the couple announce themselves and it wouldn't have required a phone call. it wouldn't have -- they would have flagged it right away. would it not -- >> if the couple wouldn't have come it wouldn't have required a phone call. >> that's true, too. >> i understand, and -- and generally when people have questions, sheryl when you have a question, april, when you have a question, i don't have to be there in person to answer your question despite the fact that you may announce your question. generally you can pick up the telephone and reach me right there in my office. >> the press secretary robert gibbs getting pounded with some serious questions there. let's bring in our senior white house correspondent ed henry once again. ed, you had your own questions for the press secretary. were they answered? >> reporter: well, not exactly. i mean, what you heard ro
of an existing home in the united states, that's a used home, if you will, is about $173,000 right now. that is down way more than 20% since the peak, but there are a lot of estimates that while home prices will continue to go down over the course of the next year, low-interest rates, low home prices, and this first-time home buyer's credit from the government, if it continues, make this a good time to buy. interest rates right now for a conforming mortgage, one under $417,000 for most of the country, a 30-year mortgage and 20% down, 4.83%. >> ali velshi, thank you. >>> trouble continuing for mark sanford, the governor whose affair with an argentinian lover exploded last year into an international scandal is now facing 37 ethics charges. the civil charges for misuse of campaign money and budget travels carry a maximum of $74,000 in fines. the state attorney general is also weighing whether or not to pursue criminal charges. >>> coming up, toxic danger made in china. homeowners forced to pick their homes or their health. >>> also, getting de-friended on facebook may not be the worst of
're going to spew their hatred for the united states. they are going to mock the families. they're going to mock the victims. it is totally unnecessary. we do not need to see this. somebody needs to put on show here. i do not understand why we are doing this. juliet: you do have a website, an organization. why do you think the reason is? >> it is a campaign promise of obama. it is misguided. juliet: what do you think the motivation is for him? >> i will just say this. a video of support for this position showed up two days ago out of the aclu. apparently they knew this was coming. they put a couple of family members on to be on their side of it. we have over 5000 people who have signed up with us in just 36 hours. this is just beginning. we need people to sign up with us. we need people to go to the, or keep america safe. sign up with us and help us fight the obama administration. juliet: bill has asked this question. is it possible that they could get a fair trial, a trial that is not unfair to the u.s. people, to the family members? >> even if they do, which i do not think
in a lot of ways and changed how the rest of the world viewed the united states. but india, a lot of people would say, was a lot more comfortable with the previous president, with president bush, than with president obama. why is that? >> in large measure because president bush had made india a significant foreign policy priority. now what india is witnessing, that it is one of several amongst competing priorities for this president. and, of course, with afghanistan having become a centerpiece of american foreign and security policy, india is not getting the attention that it received during the bush administration, particularly during the second bush administration. so, there's a little bit of unease and concern in new delhi about the stature of the relationship at the moment. >> is he making up for it? i know some of the things he said today in the press conference was talking about a strategic dialogue and a personal partnership when he was talking about things to show how the obama administration is committed to india. but besides that a lot of things people might say are vague, a perso
state dinner for the president. something they were she lighting as this relationship between the united states and india on a host of global issues, how critical this is, but the follow-up stories obviously after this was very little about the event itself and so much about this incident, and then, of course, the investigation and the big questions as to how this could happen and certainly this concern as well here at white house. i mean, this is a president -- all presidents obviously are targets. they are dangerous situations which have to be defused all the time, but in this particular case there are threats against this president. there's been a lot of concern about that, and so this just shows as one representative already talking about, here is someone who is a possible target by extremists and yet someone like this was able to slip into the white house, and so a lot of concerns here and certainly a distraction, something that they did not welcome at all. >> james, i assume that this really goes both ways. it's not just the obama administration. when i was covering president bush
for the country that they love, the united states army, the united states government stands ready to broafdz provide them every possible assistance in what will be a very troubling, very challenging times ahead. >> 13 dead, 28 remain hospitalized, including the shooter, major nidal malik hasan. he is in a coma attached to a ventilator. hasan was shot four times. most of the victims are in stable condition with gunshot wounds to the torso, stomach and back. >> and hearing the stories of courage and heroism that i heard today makes me proud to be a leader of this great army. i heard stories about medics who were sitting in a graduation in in the building next door, hearing the gunfire and running to the sounds of the guns, because they knew there would be wounded. >> stories of heroes are now emerging. a female police officer displaying extraordinary courage, according to the army, officer kim munley exchanged fire with hasan, hitting him and taking a bullet herself to the thigh, and amber barr tried her best to save her fellow colleagues. barr was shot in the stomach. >> stomach shot, people
followers, but he is the president of the united states of america, we need to question what he's doing, but i'm trying to give him a good shot and hope that that didn't impact him. sean: i think we've given him a good shot. you know, you reach a lot of women on "the view." you have a huge audience out there. and by the way, congrats on the emmy award. >> thanks. thank you. sean: families are in trouble. unemployment, if you really add it up, it's closer to 17%. >> 14% in my home state. sean: it's frightening. women look up to you, they reach out to you. what do you say to people, my husband lost a job, i lost a job, debt is through the roof, we're passing it on to our kids and grandkids. how do you feel about that aspect of obama? >> i have this fear in the back of my mind, and quite possibly it could be because i'm up all night with feedings of a baby and i have time to think about things beyond the normal time frame necessary, but i have a feeling, are they letting things get so bad that then we are begging for the government to help us out? sean: well, the government has taken over
as it tries to bully the united states into accepting its terms for nuclear negotiation. the country says it could soon build another atomic bomb. we will talk to an expert about what the latest move could mean. and box number three, the last thing heard from three missing college students was that police -- what police called hysterical phone calls. coming up, the latest in the search for the young women and why police are having such a hard time figuring out where to start looking for them. that is all ahead on "studio b." fox news is america's election headquarters. it is the first tuesday after the first monday in the month of october, and that means for many americans, it is election day today, and we have coverage of all of the important going on around the country, three in particular that could affect all of us. first, new york. the race for congressional seats after the republican candidate dropped out and endorsed the democrat. in the new jersey governor's race, an independent candidate throwing democrats and republicans for a loop, and in virginia, and potential ship -- shift i
, the pipeline arena of the united states. they're a company like enterprise product part nirs, as good as you're going to find. in the technology space we like intel where the dividend yield is actually over 3%. we like in the health care arena, baxter international. and then bringing in the telecom, we like verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the united states with a dividend yield of around 6.5%. safe, hive-quality companies. >> george, contrast for me where you would lead people. >> simon, i think that when it comes to dividends, size matters. investors right now are basically bipolar. they don't know whether to participate in the market or to stay away from it. and therefore, i think that the utilities sector, which is decried by many as being drab and dreary and defensive is a good place to put money, both for current yield and for capital appreciation. utility stocks is a group that has gone down over the last year while the market's gone up 25%. certainly on a relative and comparative basis, you can get yields up to 5% to 6% from the likes of dominion resources or duke energy or ame
be a way to pressure karzai to clean up his act. >> the united states or nato forces will tank power away from him and put it in the hand of other folks in afghanistan such as the provincial governors is certainly something that has to affect him. >> president obama says he is not blindly accepting karzai's prom mises. he says the proof will be in deeds. aides say he is not setting up benchmarks for his troop decision and also say that no one in the administration believes any military raid will work in afghanistan without successful governance. bret. bret: wendell, thank you. in other world headlines, it was a deadly day in pakistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and a second attack hours later and a suicide bomber blew up a car at a police roadblock injuring at least 7 police officers there. the united nations is pressing iran for a swift final answer to its proposal concerning nuclear fuel. officials offered mixed signals today to the idea of sending uranium abroad for enrichment. the foreign minister said the options still exist, while a senior diplomat suggested the
. this is to the president of the united states. it is time, it is time to make a decision. bill: today we learn the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan doesn't want more troops. so chaos reigns. joining us now from washington former ambassador to the u.n. and author of the book the prosperity agenda. here in the k.t. mcfarland defense official in the reagan administration. you can debate policy. i sympathize because it is a very complicated situation. he doesn't want to get into another vietnam or even another iraq in the early stages. however, however, now you have abject chaos. the ambassador pitted against the top general in the field. these guys talk every day. >> sure. bill: one is saying we need them. the other guy is saying don't send them. this is bad. >> it's not just. this remember, mcchrystal was the man that president obama picked because he fired the guy who was there before. bill: absolutely. >> now on our second commander. ambassador who is a former commander in afghanistan -- everybody has a different opinion. the thing i worry about is not so much what he is going to decide but, as you sa
in the state of missouri and across the united states. so we made our point. we did our job. and now we are waiting for the verdict. >> well, doctor, you point out a larger issue. some of the reports out that i've read indicate there have been racial tensions in this town and this may, if you will, be the straw to break the camel's back for those who live in the african-american and minorities in the town. >> well, my father is a cop and has been for 30 years. so i have a lot of respect for good law enforcement, but the problem is, though, we know officers sometimes abuse their authority and in this up to, i have had lots and lots of people, particularly people of color, who sent me e-mails and faxes describing incidents very disturbing to me. and so what we are trying to do is simply take this information and also take this statistical data gathered to the attorney general of the united states and the attorney general for the state of missouri and simply ask them to conduct an investigation. it doesn't mean we are accusing anybody of any wrongdoing, but the truth is you can't destroy l
. these are from the united states. 49.1 million people inside the united states are in food insecure households according to the department of agriculture. within that we'll show you the number of children. 16.7 million children in food insecure households. we're talking about one in six americans and those figures come from 2008. we all know what the economy has been like throughout this past year. plenty of indications the number of hungry in america has gone up. let me show you how you can help. has a whole here. so you see how it works. you can find out about all sorts of different ways to help people. i brought specifically you to the section of poverty and hunger. zoom in here. it says take action. it will link you to numerous organizations that help people who are facing hunger. for example, i'll show you over here. this is one of the organizations that we talked to you about. here's another one over here. action against hunger. we give you information about them. and there's also something else that's really interesting. we hook you up to charity navigator. this is a grou
-presidential spot in the united states, that's the nugget? >> we're talking about and it's the most salacious point. >> that's why i'm suppose today watch? >> why people buy people magazine. >> this is somebody who could be, could be the president of the united states, that's the one thing we're going to latch on to? >> and of course, the lead by johnson and-- >> i'm sure they'll release a lot of stuff. >> maybe i'm crazy. >> sells magazines. all right, in the meantime, could a technicality keep the master mind, the allegedly so-called master mind of 9/11 attacks from facing justice? we're going to have the scoop on that. >> plus, victims of bernie madoff are finally getting a little payback. stay with fox for a fair and balanced coverage of that. you want to buy madoff paraphernalia? ♪ wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> i had access that
an interesting life. that could have been the first lady of the united states this. fred thompson wanted to be president of the united states senate seat from tennessee. lori morgan joining us coming up. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> is this wjz baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it's the bottom of the hour. in 15 seconds it will be 6:30. sharon has what is going on after marty's weather. >>> those clouds, gorgeous sunrise. clear skies through this friday. let the weekend party begin. 49 at lunch. 47 degrees for the evening. not
music? >> complaining something he is doing as president of united states becomes a political issue it's like really? welcome to heavy burden and responsibility of the presidency of the united states. yeah, what you do is going to become a political issue. you can't be burdened by that. >> i agree with you that he is in that, he is like that. when he doesn't like something. but i with sympathize with obama here, i absolutely do. he has to live his life. to give up golf because we have an afghan conflict? i want the president to have some relaxation, his mind to be clear. i want him to go out on a date with his wife. if his wife wants to see a broadway show, more happiness to him. i think it's ridiculous and petty. the american public should live them as man and wife and leave them alone. okay, carlson, hoover? >> what did i say marriage is separate. marriage is a work in progress. >> bill: i hate that word, work in progress. >> that is a big issue. >> it is a work in progress. >>. >> glenn: now we have a serious story for the warriors tonight. in connecticut, west of hartford, there is
used his time at the podium to do what he does best, and that is to bash of the united states of america. take a look. >> i am grateful to bring an aura of thanksgiving for those who do not get it unless they go along with the program, singing along with the popular tune and staying in lockstep with what the political pundits tell us is permissible and what will be tolerated in this land, the land of the greed and the home of the braves. excuse me. the land of the greed and the home of the slave. sean: i wonder how many of the friends of the president are subscribers to the socialist magazine? there is the author of the great new book, called," a simple christmas," 12 stories that celebrates the true holiday christmas -- called, "a simple christmas." you have a book signing this weekend. >> yes, anyone who needs a little break, a little christmas spirit, this is my favorite book out of seven that i have done, and i think folks will find their own christmases coming out. after jeremiah wright, we will need some christmas. sean: he did not do an interview since. it was march 200
in the united states this year. it's already interacting with another storm and producing heavy rain in new orleans but it's probably going to pass somewhere near pensacola in florida, tampa gets heavy rain, there will be a four to six-foot storm surge and along the path of the storm between four and eight inches of rainfall, we'll see if it impacts us because some models trying to throw moisture our way by wednesday. patchy fog this morning, otherize a lot of sunshine into early afternoon. look for increasing clouds, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 71. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> traffic is starting to slowdown on the outer loop about here at liberty road, due to some volume delays as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange and the baltimore national pike. things also starting to pick up, traffic volume, that is, on the top side between harford road and providence road, southbound 95 we have heavy volume with slowing between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway but the fort mchenry tunnel is checking in smoothly. we have a crash working southbound on the harbor tu
, srch waiting for president obama's decision about future afghan strategy coming from the united states. we talked to several top military officials and they keep using phrases like a critical turning point, also catch phrases like the last quarter of a football game, and also a craps shoot, maybe the roll of the dice. they know if they don't do it now and do it right, then the situation is lost. they are waiting for troops and resources, but they are aiming to keep al qaeda out but this is a deal with the taliban in some way. they're not going for a per fejt modern democracy. they just want a stable state with some security in which they can lead. they admit to me that it is not a done deal. gregg: greg palkot from afghanistan, thank you very much . >> the foreign minister from tehran says they will not sending enriched uranium to another country for holding but they would swap it in exchange for fuel rods for their medical research facility. tehran is saying the swap must take place on iranian soil, of course part of the ongoing discussion between iran and the united states to allow r
a pocket. this case you cited in the united states, resistant to the antiviral drugs. what the cdc is saying, a couple of clusters of, we're watching it, but in no way are we suddenly watching this crazy mutated virus that's sweeping the world. just two pockets we're keeping our eyes on. >> distribution not up to what the cdc would hope, but 54 million doses shipped as of this week. numbers aren't that great yet. >> no, it's been a pokey, slow process for getting this vaccine out. nowhere near the numbers we want. nonetheless, about 10 million new viral -- or vaccine doses available every week. what you really have to do is just keep on the phone lines, go to google, go to the and see where there is vaccine near you. here's what people have to remember though. still get your h1n1 when you can, when it comes near you, and then get ready, because the seasonal flu hasn't hit yet. that's going to be later this fall. >> don't forget to get that shot. >> that is available everywhere. >> right now this vaccine is still being directed at those most vulnerable. high-risk. someone li
of care in united states. we do not need to see it sacrifice. martha: thank you. always good to have you here. trace: president obama is in china right now meeting today with his chinese counterpart, but it the world or the united states, rather, is the world's largest economy, why are we so much in debt and so dependent on china? and it has been a slang word for years, and as of today, it is officially in the dictionary. the internet term crown word of the year. pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! trace: 43 minutes past the hour. we have new information and new pictures of a breaking story out of an arctic air. 100 tourist, scientist and journalists now on board a ship that a stock in the eyes. the foreign desk working very closely with our international affiliate's to gather details. they are telling us it is a russian vessel, and icebreaker rebuild as a
for their significant contribution to the he have forlt in afghanistan. the united states and denmark promote freedom, security, and prosperity. we talked this morning about additional cals that the president will make between this afternoon and the time of the speech. i anticipate that that will include president karzai, murray, prime minister tusk of poland, hugh of china and many administration officials, including general joans, and secretary of state and other also also make consultation calls over the course of the night many hours before the speech. >> in addition to medvedev. >> those are at least in addition to. there could be others. >> today? >> most of them, quite frankly, are likely scheduled for tomorrow. >> we haven't talked in detail about afghanistan. what is the president hoping to establish and what does he want to get in exchange? >> well, phil, i think you can anticipate that a good portion of the president's speech tomorrow will discuss our relationship with pakistan and touch ongoing back to the very beginning of this administration in a renewed engagement diplomatically with t
. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and that sort of thing. which obviously is of interest to the united states. we will see how that all plays out. alisyn. alisyn: mike, what about iran? did that issue come up? any progress there. >> it did come up. and president obama was pretty firm in saying that if iran continued to thumb its nose at the world community in terms of its nuclear weapons programs, that there would be consequences but president hu was noncommittal about that. and that has to be troubling to the united states. president hu obviously has incredible influence over
at home because the united states does not have diplomatic relations with iran, the swiss are acting as go-betweens in this particular case. the last visit was almost a month ago. what have you learned from those visits? >> well, we understand they're in physical good health. but we also are very pained to hear of their isolation and there must be an extremely difficult state of mind they're in because of this isolation. and we are hoping that the iranian authorities will show compassion and release our children as soon as possible. this has gone on way too long. it is just short of four months. i believe it's 117 days. and we cannot imagine why it is such a protracted detention. >> president ahmadinejad was in brazil earlier this week. on monday, he actually talked about this, saying it's up to the courts to decide the fate of your son and his two friends but that he hoped the verdict would be lenient. it's very similar language to that which he used in new york city at the united nations general assembly back in december, yet nothing has happened in terms of their release. do his words g
by literally delivering the vaccines that exist in the united states today and cutting down the lag and the amount of time it takes to get those vaccines to developing worlds, and while we can invest some of our money in that it takes an enormous amount of government funding and equipment to get those vaccines out. and the other piece we help which is really the research, getting the new vaccines created that are just for the poor children, so new vaccine for pneumonia, for die rheal disease that exists in the developing world. >> part of what you're talking about is there are government programs that are working that people may not realize are working. >> absolutely. and that's part of the news we want to get out especially the president's emergency plan for aids relief petbar, has delivered to africa who are living today because they got these lifesaving drugs against hiv aids. that's up from only 155,000 people five years ago so it's really when we go out and travel there's immense hope about aids in africa today because of that specific program and that specific american investm
? they raised their white hand -- their right hand and swear to uphold the constitution of the united states. you're going to take into account anyone who should not go because they are a danger to themselves or their unit. but everybody has to do what they signed up to do. >> there is continuing coverage of the tragedy at fort hood on our website there, you can hear recounts of tragic events you can find the link on top of our home page. >> tonight, baltimore city police have set up a tip line to help find the person forepersons responsible for a string of rapes. authorities are investigating eight rapes since october 30. police released this sketch of a possible suspect. >> but the sketched out on face book and twitter. we just want to continue hammering it out until we find this guy. >> residents can reach the tip line by dialing888-223-00233. that line is staffed 24/7 by detectives. city police are working to dispatch information to buy stops and also will stations. a high-school football coach says a senseless act by some students has cost him his car. last thursday, he left
. >> some of the basketball players said it was a lot of pressure that the president of the united states is watching them play. >> for gw fans -- >> we wre sitting in the section right next to them, a real treat. >> the president eating popcorn and enjoying the action. >> sasha obama appeared to enjoy it, too. the president paused motorcade left to cheers. it -- the president's motorcade left to cheers. >> i think he suld be a fan of a local team. at the president was not the most animated fan, but he and the first family had a good time. sadly, this was a loss for gw. much more in sports. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >>> alexandria wants more minority students to be involved in elementary school gifted programs. records obtained by the washington post show one-quarter of alexandria's 11,000 students are white, but they make up 50% of gifted students. 65% of students are black and hispanic, but less than a third take part in gifted programs. officials are considering several options including an aptitude test for send graders. >>> a driver will be ok after her car was struck by a train in
that this is not an open- ended commitment by the united states. jon: and he has concerns about president karzai? >> the newly reelected president of afghanistan, yes, the president wants to know that karzai is ready to take over security for his country and root of corruption, even if it is in his own government. he wants evidence that things will improve. and this falls reports that the u.s. ambassador -- follows reports that the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan sent cables to washington and voicing concerns about sending more troops before the afghan government cleans up its act. jon: when do we expect an announcement? >> this decision about troop levels, right. not while he is overseas in asia. he is due back in washington november 19, one week before thanksgiving. he may make an announcement. we are not sure. but we know it may not be -- will not be well he is in asia -- will not be while he is in asia. jane: the flu vaccine is still difficult to get, and the death toll is higher than initially estimated. also, harris is watching the pictures out of boston. at least three are hurt after scaff
4362 united states troops have been killed in operation iraqi freedom. 16,000 single mothers were serving in iraq and afghanistan at the end of 2006. the average age of u.s. troops in iraq is 26. accordingly that was also the average age for u.s. casualties. molly is live at a u.s. military base in eastern baghdad. >> i am not far from soder city, this is one of the few places you will still find american troops inside of the city after the 30th. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. >> today's mission for charlie company is providing protection for a civil affairs team working with local businesses. the soldiers will mussy gunfire, it is not even a regular patrol. >> it is more of being a security element. >> iraqi army is in charge of basic security. charlie company spends more time on the base. they are down from two missions for day to one. their lives are in real danger -- not in real danger as much. the soldiers battled boredom with video games and workouts. >> off when you are working you wish that you had more time. either way you will find you
reflection that bringing the worst of the worst terrorist inside the united states would be cause for great danger. >> the big surprise is that muhammed will be tried in a civilian court and not subject to a military tribunal. >> this is a prosecutorial decision as well as a national security decision. >> the attorney general says 5 detainee's will be tried in federal court. >> these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> the government is expected to >> the president's deadline to shut down the detention center by january will almost certainly not be met. >>> our other big story on this friday is that powerful nor'easter pounding the east coast. it broke a barge freight from its power in virginia beach. how that barge is carrying hazardous materials. the coast guard says there is little risk to the public. >>> and st. mary's county, coastal flooding forces school delays this morning. officials say it route 234 is closed because of major flooding. more flooding is still possible through tomorrow. here, in the immediate area, there is light rain and plenty of win
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